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Sahara car covers is a brand name of Romag Company Limited. It deals with security accessories for vehicles such as car tracks, car alarms, cameras, sensors and much more. Our experience of dealing with motor vehicle accessories goes back to 2009 when started installing car tracks and alarms. For more information visit Romag Technologies Ltd.

We have been dealing with car covers since 2012 when we first imported from Dubai and later from China. We faced a number of challenges with the imported covers and the main one being the price was too high, the material was not the best in terms of durability and the size was a serious issue. Due to these challenges, as a company we decided to import good quality material and sew it according to the common sizes of vehicles in Kenya. We have established a factory where we make and supply to all major super markets, motor vehicle dealers and shops dealing with motor vehicle accessories. Our products are quality assured and they have been certified by KEBS.


Our Car Covers have the Explained Features: